We are a startup implementing innovative upcycling technologies

Ahead of the trends, we are already using the technologies of the future.

More than 70% of batteries that are sent for recycling as part of a battery package are suitable for further use in a new role. The new role is determined based on their current characteristics. Batteries can and should live more than one life.

Why are we confident?

We have developed a technology for comprehensive and automated testing of all types of batteries based on key characteristics.

Automated disassembly, grinding, and cleaning
Testing and determining key characteristics

What does this provide?

Having detailed information on each battery, our artificial intelligence allows us to find a new role for it and assemble optimal packages that will not be inferior to the new packages in terms of characteristics and performance.

Who needs cooperation with us?

Cooperation and partnership with us will be interesting for:

Battery manufacturers and producers of battery-operated devices

  • Get 100% waste-free production
  • We are ready to take on and find a new use for defective products or products that do not meet the quality standards of their original purpose.
  • We are ready to give expert recommendations on the design of blocks/products for more efficient depacking

Recycling companies

  • Let us make sure that the battery packs sent for recycling are truly unusable.
  • We will find a new life for the suitable items
"We know what will be mainstream in the upcycling tomorrow."